Frequently Asked Questions

In order to help answer many of the intitial questions that arise, we have collected a selection of our most frequently asked questions. Please look over the list and click any question to view it's answer.

If questions still remain, please do not hesitate to Contact Us with them. We are more then happy to help!

Does Lost Island Voyages provide rental dive gear?
Yes, our rental gear is Scuba Pro and rental prices are as follows:
  • BC -- $50
  • Regulator -- $50
  • Computer -- $50
  • Dive Lights -- $30
Please Call Lost Island Voyage's office and let us know in advance if you will be needing rental gear, so we can have everything on board and ready for your arrival.
Do I need a passport?
Yes you do. As of December 2006 a birth certificate will no longer be acceptable to return to the United States.
What should I bring?
Soft luggage would be great to store several bathing suits, several pairs of shorts, 1 or 2 long pants, several t-shirts, 1 blouse/shirt, and a foul weather jacket and pants. Towels, suntan lotion, sunglasses, sweatshirt, deck shoes, sandals and of course your toiletry items including aspirin, decongestant and shampoo.
What time do we depart?
Boarding begins at 12:00 pm and lunch will be served at 1:00 pm with departure at 3:00 pm. The following Friday the boat will be back at the dock by 9:00 am. On weekend trips, boarding begins at 5:00 pm with dinner at 7:00 pm and departure at 9:00 pm. Tuesday the boat will be back at the dock by 9:00 am.
Will I get seasick?
Probably not, but if it happens, it will usually be on the first day. There are several products available for you to take, such as Dramamine, Bonine, or the Transderm Scope patches. After we arrived in the Bahamas, the boat will spend the nights in protected anchorages.
What are the average temperatures in the Bahamas?
Average TemperatureWater TemperatureAir TemperatureWetsuit Recommendation
January-February72-77F / 22-24C70-80F / 21-27CFull Wetsuit 5mm or thicker
March73-77F / 23-25C70-85F / 21-29CFull Wetsuit 5mm or thicker
April75-79F / 24-26C75-90F / 24-32CShorty or Full Wetsuit
May77-80F / 25-27C80-90F / 27-32CShorty or Full Wetsuit
June79-81F / 26-27C80-90F / 27-32CNone required or skin
July-September81-85F / 27-29C80-90F / 27-32CNone required or skin
October79-82F / 26-28C75-90F / 24-32CSkin or Shorty
November77-80F / 25-27C70-85F / 21-29CShorty or Full Wetsuit
December75-78F / 24-26C70-85F / 21-29CFull Wetsuit 5mm or thicker
What dive gear do I need to bring?
BC, U/W watch, depth gauge, regulator, snorkeling equipment and for night dives, a dive light and Cyalume stick are required. Cyalume sticks are available on board. The vessel is equipped with tanks, weights and weight belts. Storage of all dive gear is on deck in dive lockers and rinse buckets are provided for cameras and regulators.
How many dives do we make per day?
Including night dives, you can usually average 3 or 4, depending on the weather.
Can I scuba dive?
By law, only if you are certified scuba diver. Resort courses will be available for the non-diver.
Can I fish?
By all means, fishing gear is provided. Pole spears are also available for spear fishing.
Are crew tips required?
Tipping is optional, but if you are happy with the service, 15% is recommended which you can give to the captain at the end of the voyage.
Do you have rental equipment?
We have rental equipment but prior arrangements must to be made.
Do you have showers?
Yes we do, with ample freshwater.
What are the meals like?
We serve three delicious meals geared toward divers along with snacks between the dives. And of course there is always a fruit basket available.
What is resort course?
A resort course is given by the dive instructor, usually from the beach. After a short instruction, the instructor will take you on 2 dives. A resort course does not certify you. The BC and regulator are included with the resort course. There is a cost associated with the resort course.
Can you do open water checkouts?
Yes, but be sure to bring proper paper work and make arrangements before hand.
How will our schedule for the week be determined?
On Saturday, before departure your captain will discuss the weather and make a decision to give you the best diving.
Does the boat actually sail and can I help?
Do I need a wetsuit?
A wetsuit if recommended for the months between October and April.
Can I snorkel?
Yes, anytime we are at anchor. You need to bring your own snorkel gear. A snorkel vest is recommended because the snorkeling is not supervised.
Are there wreck dives?
There are many wrecks through the Bahamas and we will try to provide them for those interested.
Will I be able to recharge batteries?
Yes, we have regular household 110 current.
Do you have a compressor and tanks?
Yes, we have a compressor and there are ample tanks onboard. Weights and weight belts are also included.
Can I book the trip as an individual?
Yes, call us for details.
Will non-divers enjoy the trip?
Your crew will provide interesting activities for the non-divers. Snorkeling, shelling, beach combing, and resort courses are possible activities for the non-diver.
What if an emergency arises and I need to cancel the trip?
Charter fees are fully refundable up to 90 days prior to departure. Within 90 days, if we rebook we will refund your money. Divers insurance that covers travel is now available. Check with your dive shop or call Lost Island for details.